Elite Eight

So have you recovered from the first-round NHL Playoff excitement yet?! What a crazy opening round – with 3 Game 7’s, 17 overtime games (an NHL record) – and of course many a hero emerged to keep us on the edges of our seats.

The Bruins overcame huge odds to rally in Game 7 vs the Leafs. Photo Courtesy - boston.com
The Bruins overcame huge odds to rally in Game 7 vs the Leafs. Photo Courtesy – boston.com

It will long be remembered how the Boston Bruins trailed the Leafs 4-1 halfway through the third period in Game 7, and rallied to force overtime – and ultimately get the win. San Jose fans will marvel at how their Sharks dominated, and swept the Vancouver Canucks to force a battle of California with defending champions LA. And, we all will look forward to more moments like this as we move on now to the ‘Elite Eight‘ starting May 14th.

Who will amaze and emerge as we move forward – buckle up and enjoy the ride – it only gets more intense from here! Here’s my second-round predictions:

Eastern Conference:

Senators to upset the Penguins in 7 games on the back of better goaltending, and the Bruins to ride their momentum after a crazy comeback against the Leafs, and get past the Rangers in 6 games.

Western Conference:

Blackhawks to grind down the Red Wings in 6 with their depth as Toews and Kane will get in on the act, and the Kings to eliminate the Sharks in 7 games as Jonathan Quick gets hot.

Kane, Hossa & Toews will be a handfull for Detroit. Photo Courtesy - blackhawks.nhl.com
Kane, Hossa & Toews will be a handful for Detroit. Photo Courtesy – blackhawks.nhl.com

How did your first round predictions go folks? I was 7-for-8 with my team picks. My big hiccup was the Ducks losing – I had them advancing over Detroit. That’s what makes the Stanley Cup the hardest trophy to win in all of sport though – you just don’t know who will step up and lead their team into the history books.

Who do you have in the Conference Semi-Finals then? Do you agree with any of my picks above? Drop me a message here and let me know what your take on the second-round is. Enjoy the games wherever you’re watching – and if you’re in Europe enjoy the late nights!

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  1. Hi, I was 6 for 8 in the first round. My Western predictions were perfect, my Eastern were wrong – I put Canadiens and Capitals in semis. But know I accept your challenge Aaron. So – I agree with you in the West, and … here comes my pick for the East – final will be played between Rangers and Penguins. Let us see. Greetings from the sunny Baltic Coast

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