Welcome  to another new 1-on-1 “Face-Off” segment here on Murph On Ice! We will continue to bring you Murph’s conversations on a regular basis with some of the best hockey minds in the business!

Murph had the pleasure of chatting with a former colleague, and Canadian Broadcasting icon recently for this feature. Enjoy his interview with James Cybulski.

James Cybulski hosts the afternoon drive show CYBULSKI & COMPANY on TSN Radio 1050 with a little help from his friends – TSN’s best sports experts and insiders in the business – as he tackles hot-button issues from the sports realm and beyond. The show airs from 4-7pm ET.

James Cybulski hosts his own sports show on TSN Radio 1050.

Murph On Ice – Thanks for taking some time to join me from Toronto here on the new website James!

James Cybulski – My pleasure Murph, thanks for having me on!

MOI – You’ve been involved in all aspects of sports media coverage, from World Junior Hockey Championships to Olympics. What’s been the highlight of your time behind the microphone?

JC – Probably my favorite experience would be covering the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Everything about it was outstanding. The stories, atmosphere, drama, interaction, teammates, and best of all to have my family there with me was a highlight.

MOI – Of all the interviews you’ve conducted over the years, who has been your favourite guest or interview?

JC – There’s interviews I love for different reasons, but interviewing Bill Russell and Stephen Colbert was a real highlight as well. Russell asked me with a scowl right before our interview what the ‘T’ in TSN stood for. When I answered ‘the’ he roared for the entire interview.

Colbert jokingly apologized for making fun of Canada in a series of comedic segments leading up to the Games, and later that night, they used my interview for the lead item on CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson with the headline ‘Colbert apologizes to Canada’.

MOI – Have you ever been star-struck by a guest or celebrity?

JC – For the longest time, I always got nervous in a scrum with Wayne Gretzky. He was my hero as a kid, and my heart would pound anytime I threw out a question.

MOI – There has to be a few ‘not so memorable moments’ too James! Any funny moments you’d like to have a ‘do over’ for?

JC – There’s an infamous youtube moment where I called Bruce Willis ‘Bruce Wilson’ during a Raptors playoff game.

Doug Berry, when he was coaching the Bombers, and at halftime served me up 3 one word answers. In hindsight, I wish I called him a prick at the time.

MOI – How’s your current gig going with TSN 1050? What can listeners expect in the next while on the show?

JC– A fresh look at sports news and issues. We strive to be smart and fun. You don’t always have to be pissed off talking about sports. I think we’re changing the culture in respects that way. We’re also in the process of finishing up a new studio that will carry the show on TV, radio and online. I’m pretty excited going forward.

Cybulski and Company has plans to grow and bring the radio format to on-line and TV platforms.

MOI – Way back in the day we worked together at The Score! We had a great group there in those days – Elliotte Friedman, Brian Duff etc…Do you still keep in touch with some of the guys and swap stories about the industry?

JC – I think for a lot of us, working at The Score is a badge of honour. It helped shape all of us into who we are as professionals today. Look at the talent that has come out of there in recent years: Elliotte, Cabral Richards, Martine Gaillard, Tim Micallef, Sid Seixeiro, Steve Kouleas and countless others. Working with Duane Forde, Cabbie, and tons of others behind the scenes now at TSN always gives us a chance to laugh and reminisce about moments. It was a big frathouse when we first started, but we all cared, and our efforts reflected that in our work and also in where we are all today.

MOI – You’re an Ottawa boy – any plans to take the radio show on the road for the NHL All-Star game this year in your old stomping grounds?

JC – Not likely for business, but maybe for pleasure!

MOI – You mentioned the Vancouver Olympics earlier, and what a highlight they were for you! Will you be joining me here in London for the 2012 Games? If you are I guess I’ll buy the 1st round!

JC – I certainly hope to be there next summer and cash in on that pint!

MOI – Thanks again C-Ball, always a pleasure to catch-up with you!

JC – No problem Murph, it was fun, keep in touch!

“Face-Off” is a regular feature here on Murph On Ice. Keep an eye out for Murph’s next 1-on-1 as he talks all things hockey with ESPNBoston.com’s James Murphy.

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  1. Good to see you’re able to keep in touch with old colleagues. Cybulski’s gotta be one of the more likable TSN personalities!

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