Pure Gold!

I was going to prepare a big blog today on the halfway mark of the NHL season. I was going to ream off stats, and road records, and 5-on-5 scoring.

Then I realized that we all know that the fantastic Chicago Blackhawks are still undefeated in regulation (21-0-3, 45 points)! We are all aware about the resurgence of the Canadiens, as they lead the entire Eastern Conference (15-5-4, 34 points). And, we are all loving the fact that Sidney Crosby is back, playing healthy, and playing like the super-star we know he is, leading the NHL in scoring (11 G, 28 A, 39 points).

I was getting into some statistical breakdowns, I was getting into the numbers. Then I looked at the surprising Ducks. Anaheim sit second in the Western Conference (16-3-3, 35 points), and second overall in the entire league behind the Hawks. The Ducks haven’t been great the past few years, and if it wasn’t for Chicago, their record certainly would be the story of this shortened NHL campaign.

So, I started to cobble together a blog on the Ducks. Singing their praises, reiterating their incredible home record (9-1-0), and giving Captain Ryan Getzlaf credit for his strong play and leadership (9 G, 18 A, 27 points). It also didn’t hurt that Getzlaf Friday signed a mammoth eight year, $66 million contract extension! Then it hit me. Like a Milan Lucic roundhouse punch on the temple – it hit me. Bobby Ryan versus Ryan Getzlaf. Probably the funniest hockey skit in history, from two NHL Awards shows. So, instead of a statistical analysis of the Ducks today – I thought we could all use a laugh from the past! I present to you: Ryan versus Getzlaf 1 and 2. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Absolutely brilliant – and a great Friday chuckle! And, of course Mr. Getzlaf won the challenge in both videos – and again won today with his whopping new deal in Anaheim. Some guys have all the luck! Enjoy your hockey weekend, wherever you are. And, make sure to drop me a note in the mailbag section with all your highlights from the action you take in!

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  1. GREAT VIDEOS–The best way to start the weekend is with a good laugh. Made my day–weekend–Thanks!

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