Running with the Wolfpack!

I have been lucky in my career to cover and commentate on some of the biggest global events in Hockey. I have also been fortunate to branch out and work on Field Hockey, Basketball, Curling, Bobsleigh and Handball at International and Olympic level. When the opportunity was presented to be a part of something truly new and innovative with Premier Sports and The Toronto Wolfpack, well, I jumped at the chance! The Wolfpack are the first transatlantic professional sports team, and they will start their adventure in Rugby’s League 1 in the UK. Their goal is to win straight away and advance up the ladder to the Super League. Premier will cover all their games, and I’ll be a part of the on-air crew.

Here’s a few clips from our first broadcast January 22nd, a bit of Rugby and Transatlantic sports history!

Murph with Wolfpack Captain Craig Hall:

Murph with Wolfpack Coach Paul Rowley:

Follow the Wolfpack on twitter all season long – @TOwolfpack

Follow Murph on the new Rugby beat as well here – @MurphOnIce


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