Well Worth The Wait

Canadian rock icons The Tragically Hip once sang “well worth the wait” – and so it has been for the hockey community – and now that rings especially true as the day is finally here. The day that Sidney Crosby returns to his team and returns to the NHL.

On Monday November 21st Sidney Crosby will make his long awaited return. Photo Courtesy - nhlsnipers.com

‘Sid the Kid’ has been out of action since January 5th. He’s missed over 60 Penguins’ games as he struggled to recover from the symptoms of the concussion he suffered way back then.

At the time of the injury, Crosby had 32 goals in 41 games and looked to be running up an incredible season for the ages. And then he was gone. Struck down by the scurge of the NHL for the past decade – the ‘C’ word – concussion.

Last January, no one predicted this lengthy lay-off. Many experts thought Crosby would be back in time for the playoffs. Crosby himself spoke about it too, hoping to get  back in uniform for the post-season. We were all disappointed that it never materialized. But we understood the complexities of head trauma, and wanted him to be properly ready and free from symptoms. We didn’t want him to rush back – we wanted him 100% healthy and back in his dominant form.

And now we are on the verge of his return to action. On Monday November 21st the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the slumping New York Islanders. Another Monday night in the long hockey season…but a night to celebrate nonetheless! #87 will be back where he belongs – back on the ice with his Pittsburgh teammates – doing what he was born to do.

Welcome back Sid – it was ‘Well Worth The wait.’

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  1. Glad to see the Kids back… in style I might add. His absence really brought the dangers of head injuries to light, acroos all major contact sports.

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