What a season ahead!

I’ve been overseas for almost 12 years now. I love living abroad, and am fortunate to be working in a hockey job I enjoy.  In the time I have been on these shores the sport has grown,  and it is incredible to look back and see how far hockey coverage has come here!  12 years ago you’d get some NHL on NASN, some IIHF if lucky, and some domestic stuff here and there (no free-to-air hockey). Not exactly huge air-time. Fast forward to the present, coming into the 2018/19 season we will have all of the best leagues and players on free-to-air TV in the UK!

Free Sports growing commitment to hockey is great to see, and I cannot wait to get going in late August as the Champions Hockey League kicks off our biggest hockey broadcast year to date!

It will be a huge year of hockey coverage on Free Sports!

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